gobscure: with loves-ragings much turns

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  • Ripon Workhouse Museum

with loves-ragings much turns – our blue skies response –  much influenced by our involvement with the Museum of Homelessness (MoH).  MoH is a social justice museum, created and run by people with direct experience of homelessness tackling homelessness and housing inequality. MoH share the art, history and culture of homelessness to change society for the better.

our response to Ripon Workhouse is to challenge the ownership of ‘the’ narrative when the 1824 vagrancy act is still being used to harass, victorian diseases are returning, and so much progress is now going backwards, poverties arent history sadly.  ideally we’d fly-post historical paper documents including legislation and workhouse paperwork over every surface of the workhouse.  MoH, Cardboard Citizens and other interested parties would then be full supported in creatively graff-writing contemporary lived experiences replies everywhere, not erasing but overwriting – revoicing the space.  we’d then stage an accessible, carnivalesque walk-out voicing poetic truths sampled from the new text

in reality were offering sound-art: a verbatim multilayered poem built from noise of legislation, parliament and tabloids historically and now.  sense emerges as lived experience voices bubble up.  other MoH contributors include Paul Atherton (@LondonersLondon & homeless for over ten years), B, and Jess Turtle, Co-founder, MoH.  we also sing ‘the normals dont survive’ (from an Octavia Butler novel) and dont get captured (from Run the Jewels)

our £500 artists fee (minus expenses of <£50) is being donated to museum of homelessness


heres a recent MoH tweet summing up living museums


gobscure.  as artistic associate of disability arts online and the museum of homelessness (both are part of our lived experiences) we are skilled in  reclaiming spaces for and with other silenced people. we work across artforms and are acclaimed internationally.