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Drone Sweet Drone

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  • Fancy Butcher Press


  • Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

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“Why We Want to Work with Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

To associate bagpipes, to have a curiosity or love for this instrument, is to associate with a long and rich history. Some say they date back to 1000BC, with a Hittite sculpture of bagpipes found in Anatolia. In the 1300s Chaucer wrote of baggepypes in the Canterbury Tales. How have bagpipes fed into our lives over centuries and possibly millenia?

This history, interwoven with identity and pride, only adds to the appeal of a simple desire to make music and connect people, to give us a wordless escape from the everyday.

A bagpipe is like a platypus, an instrument like no other, but with semi-recognisable parts. We are keen to learn more and to help promote this unique museum in Morpeth, dedicated to preserving these intriguing devices.

Our Proposal

Give an inflatable historical figure a squeeze and it’ll tell you all about the exhibit in front of you, in a piping fashion!

A collaborative collection of breath and speech, translated into music, and played by a specially adapted mechanical bagpipe!

About the Giant Bagpipe

Visitors to the museum can talk, sing, recite a sonnet from the Northern poetry library, or whisper into the blowpipes; whereupon Stuttenmoid translation Microprocessors break the complex nuances of verbal communication into its constituent parts.

Speech patterns, language, tone and timbre overlap and overly in immeasurable ways, generating particular musical notations or Legrolo’s, mechanically adapted into melodies.

As visitors pause and pass through this space, the ever-changing input of their breath and Legrolo’s produce a pleasant drone that reverberates throughout the museum.

The bagpiped air of each participant is recorded inside a rubber balloon to take home as a souvenir. Their unique song can be released back into the atmosphere at an opportune moment in the future.

And when they finally decide to liberate the sound, it will be time to plan another visit to the Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum.

About the Historical Figures

Dotted throughout the museum are inflatable figures that tell stories from each era of this museum’s ancient history, in addition to providing information about the unique collection of pipes housed here.

From its time as a house of prayer, a school, a cholera hospital and a mineral-water factory; these figures will bring the exhibits to life by releasing a musical description, once you give them a hearty squeeze.”

– Fancy Butcher Press

Fancy Butcher Press is a loose collection of artists and illustrators who share a love for the playful, the handmade and the absurd.

Our work revolves around storytelling, performance and bringing people together.

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