Mary Branson’s ‘Unearthing’ at Gosport Museum & Art Gallery


Project Info


  • Mary Branson


  • Gosport Museum & Art Gallery
  • Hampshire Cultural Trust

A&H recently supported Hampshire Culture Trust to select an artist for their annual commission at Gosport Museum & Art Gallery. Unearthing by multimedia artist Mary Branson is an immersive installation which combines hundreds of locally discovered archaeological artefacts in a sculptural display with sound and light projection, telling the story of humanity’s journey from the past to the present day.

For this work, Branson’s particular inspiration came from research into archaeological finds in Hampshire Cultural Trust’s collections from both the Gosport area and across Hampshire more broadly. The artwork also draws inspiration from the ‘frozen’ time periods of Covid lockdowns and the deep time of human history and its connections. Through these artefacts we are connected in a long chronology of both time and space, rebirth and communality, offering reassurance that our temporary existence is part of a far vaster span of time.

It was a pleasure to support Gosport Museum and it was great to work with them again in selecting their programme of commissions, following last year’s Heinrich and Palmer commision. You can find out more about the exhibition by visiting Gosport’s website here.

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Photograph credits:  David McKibben©️

The Artist

Mary Branson is an award-winning print maker, a choreographer for a number of performance and dance events, and a mentor and public speaker. She has held a number of artistic residencies, including for Parliament, the British Council, Crisis, RHS Wisley and Watts Gallery, where she led an art group for women prisoners at HMP Send. She is best known for her large-scale conceptual light works, including New Dawn: her sculpture that is currently in the Houses of Parliament.