Ed Kluz at Colne Valley Museum


Project Info


  • Ed Kluz


  • Colne Valley Museum
  • Arts&Heritage
  • Arts Council England

Colne Valley Museum commissioned Ed Kluz in Spring 2019 as part of the Meeting Point programme.

Ed has been working closely with the volunteers at Colne Valley Museum to produce a new artwork that will respond to the museum’s site and collection. The exhibition has been delayed by Covid-19, and will launch in Summer 2021.

Ed Kluz said:

“Having spent the last 12 years researching historic buildings and objects as part of my own practice, I was really excited by the opportunity presented by Arts&Heritage to work directly with a museum and its collection as a means of pushing my own processes and ideas. I’m absolutely delighted to have been selected to work with the Colne Valley Museum. The collection housed in the museum is very much alive and being used as intended by the wonderful community of volunteers. The hub of expertise and specialisms in various aspects of craft and making gives the museum the feel of an art school. As a maker I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas and skills in both directions which will result in an exciting collaborative series of artworks.”

The Artist

Ed Kluz is an artist, illustrator and printmaker. His work explores contemporary perceptions of the past through the reimagining of historic landscapes, buildings and objects. The ideas of early Romanticism, the Picturesque movement and antiquarian representations of topography and architecture underpin his approach to image making. He has a particular interest in the eccentric, uncanny and overlooked – follies, lost country houses and ruins provide a constant source of inspiration. As a designer and illustrator Ed has received commissions from the V&A, Faber, Folio Society, John Murray publishers, Little Toller Books and St Jude’s fabrics. Ed was born in 1980 and grew up in Swaledale, North Yorkshire. He studied fine art at the Winchester School of Art.