Peter Sharpe

Peter Sharpe is a curator of contemporary architecture projects and for sixteen years was curator for the Art and Architecture programme at Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northumberland. Still their curator, but on a freelance basis, he has overseen major commissioning projects such as the Kielder Belvedere by Softroom, James Turrell’s Kielder Skyspace and the award winning Kielder Observatory by Charles Barclay Associates. The Kielder Partnership (Peter Sharpe) was awarded RIBA Client of the Year in 2012.

Peter Sharpe is also used as an advisor and curator and has worked with Universities, private clients and the Northumberland National Park.

As an Associate of Arts&Heritage, Peter Sharpe is overseeing the Mansio – a new architectural ‘lodge’ that will tour Hadrian’s Wall in 2016.