Writing an Artist Proposal

A resource for artists when submitting an Expression of Interest of Proposal to a museum brief.

About Writing an Artist Proposal

When responding to a brief from a museum, there are some key points of information that you should include for your proposal to be clear, concise, and engaging; this will also offer the museum reassurance that your proposal is well thought-through. Here you can download our resource document that gives advice on writing an Expression of Interest or Proposal, and what is the difference.

Additionally, the following bullet points offer some suggestions and key points of information to include:

The Work

  • A clear written description of the work that is being proposed and why it is relevant to the site/context, including, if appropriate, a visual of the work proposed
  • A list of materials that are to be used in the work
  • A clear description of how the work will be constructed (if applicable) and where it will be constructed
  • A list of any maintenance requirements for the work during the period that it is shown. Describe onsite operational requirements.

Research & Site Visits

  • Detail any research already carried out, or points of interest that you will hope to carry out if the proposal was accepted.
  • Mention if you have made a site visit already.

The Timescale

  • Referring to the timetable outlined in the brief, give an indication of how long you will take to make the work and an outline schedule.

The Installation

  • Detailed installation plan including procedures and timescales. Consider if the work will be made off-site, and any technical requirements.
  • A timetable for de-installation.

The Budget

  • A budget with breakdown of all costs, including artist fee, travel, materials etc.
  • Confirmation that the costs are inclusive of VAT.


  • Confirmation that you have Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Confirmation that you are happy to take part in PR/press events.


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