Project Planning Checklist: for Arts Organisations

A checklist for arts organisations when planning arts and heritage projects.

About Project Planning Checklist: for Arts Organisations

  • Set aside enough time to develop the project, including research
  • Be aware of language / terminology differences between the sectors
  • Discuss expectations right from the very start of the project
  • Be aware that most arts projects / programmes developed by heritage organisations need to relate to their business plans
  • Let the heritage organisation lead and takes ‘ownership’ of the project
  • Be aware that most heritage locations / situations will be strict on conservation and installation issues – ask about these before developing a firm idea
  • Develop the artist’s brief together with the heritage organisation you are working with
  • Explain which approach may be appropriate for finding artists
  • Think about how the location / site will be restored to its original state
  • Consider maintenance issues when you are developing the project idea / proposal
  • Agree on clear expectations with heritage organisation at an early stage
  • Be aware that budgets for arts projects may be tied in to annual cycles and procedures
  • Discuss whether the heritage organisation needs a dedicated contracted project manager
  • Keep the organisation informed and be aware that decision making may take time
  • Identify key staff within the heritage organisation to help with information sharing and support. Work out site visit arrangements and include staff and volunteers
  • Discuss marketing and press / PR issues at an early stage and agree key design concepts
  • Discuss potential talks / engagement / events ideas at an early stage
  • Site staff / volunteers are key – set aside time to work with them or give talks.

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