A&H Screening Room 2023

View the archive of A&H's screening room with new projects coming soon in 2024.

Previously shown projects on the A&H Screening Room:

Olana Light: The Gypsum Spirit of the Thornborough Henges

Online 21st December – 5th January

For A&H’s Digital Winter Commission Olana Light considered many Neolithic sites across the country before filming her performance and film at Thornborough Henges, North Yorkshire. The commission can still be viewed in our Digital Winter Commission archive here.

Enam Gbewonyo: Under the Skin of a Guild: Wake of Lost Souls

Online 1st December – 17th December

Under the Skin of a Guild: Wake of Lost Souls emerged from a closed live performance which A&H commissioned in April 2022 as part of our 10th anniversary programme. The subsequent film based on the performance is jointly commissioned by A&H and Guildhall Art Gallery, London.

Read more about the project here.

Luke Fowler: Ilam Actual (version)

Online from 6 November – 19 November 2023

Turner-nominated artist and filmmaker Luke Fowler’s work Ilam Actual (version) 2023 was part of Arts&Heritage’s Meeting Point programme, funded by Arts Council England. The project was a culmination of Fowler’s work with young people, via CIC Soft Touch Arts, at the National Trust’s Ilam Hall and YHA’s Ilam Park, guiding the young people to respond to the grounds and wider environment of the Peak District over the course of a single weekend. It is composed of a series of non-narrative ‘actuality films’ and sound recordings made by each participant, under the guidance of Luke Fowler, experimental filmmaker Alex Hetherington and sound artist Lee Patterson.

Read more about project.

Sophie Dixon: Grace, 2021

Online from 26 June – 30 July 2023

Sophie Dixon’s work, Grace (2021) was originally part of Arts&Heritage’s Meeting Point programme, for which Dixon created her film from her research at The RNLI’s Grace Darling Museum. Dixon’s film installation explored Grace Darling and her historic rescue of nine stranded survivors onboard the shipwrecked SS Forfarshire in 1838, on the 183rd anniversary of the rescue.

Read more about the project.

Anna Cady: It’s People & It’s Plants, 2022

Online from 11 May – 12 June 2023

A&H presented Anna Cady’s film, It’s People & It’s Plants (2022), alongside two shorter films: Bluets (2022) and Betty’s Butterfly Box (2022), all made during a spring 2022 residency at Furzey Gardens, New Forest National Park. The residency was part of A&H’s Meeting Point programme. Anna Cady created this series of new films to mark the centenary of Furzey Gardens and collaborate with the people they support; adults with learning disabilities while working alongside the staff, volunteers, gardeners and visiting public. 

Read more about the project.

Jordan Baseman: Do Faster Win More, 2022

Online from 18 April – 7 May 2023

Do Faster Win More explored ambition, success and failure through the lens of Paralympic cyclist Lora Fachie OBE. Inspired by the history of the National Paralympic Heritage Trust, Do Faster Win More revealed the timelessness and universality of certain human qualities and ideas and created new ways for people to connect with Paralympic heritage. Baseman’s 11-minute film built on interviews with Lora and was then added to the collection of the National Paralympic Heritage Trust. 

Read more about the project.

Savinder Bual: The Train Effect, 2022

Online from 23 February – 7 April 2023

Savinder Bual’s film The Train Effect was inspired by how, in 1840, the Great Western Railway introduced ‘Railway Time’, meaning a single, standardised time was used on its line, and subsequently across railway stations in Great Britain. The film, previously installed in the waiting room at Didcot Railway Centre in 2022 as part of A&H’s Meeting Programme 5, was accompanied with writing by the artist and a reflective essay by art critic Ingrid Swenson.

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