Publication: A&H, A Celebration of the First 10 Years

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“Arts&Heritage functions deliberately outside of the gallery environment. Excitement for us comes from siting artists’ work in places where they are least expected to be found; in neo classical houses, small intimate museums, ice houses, agricultural shows. We enjoy the juxtaposition of the contemporary with the historical, the placing of art within a seemingly unsupportive environment. We like to prove that art can be powerful in the unlikeliest of places.” – Judith King and Timandra Nichols, Founding Directors, Arts&Heritage

Arts&Heritage, A Celebration of the First Ten Years is a publication that marks Arts&Heritage’s tenth year, the projects it had worked on to this point, and its aims for the next decade ahead. The publication was launched in 2021; to request a free copy please email us:

“As we look forward to the next ten years, our curated projects and skills development programmes will be focussing on expanding whose narratives are being told, where and by whom. By championing a diverse range of artists twinned with a broad reading of what heritage is and where historic narratives are located, we can further grow the breadth of perspectives represented in museums, collections, landscapes and historic sights.” – Stephanie Allen, Executive Director, Arts&Heritage

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