Case Studies: A&H Podcast Series

Arts&Heritage’s podcast series discusses the advantages of working with artists in the heritage sector and presents specific case studies from across the UK.

You can listen to the Arts&Heritage podcast here on our website, on Apple Podcasts, or via our Soundcloud.

The A&H Podcasts have been generously supported by Art Fund‘s Professional Network Grants.

The first podcast is hosted by A&H’s Judith King, who discusses the Arts&Heritage Meeting Point Commission at Colne Valley Museum with artist Ed Kluz and the museum’s lead volunteer curator Melanie Williams. In this episode we discuss the advantages of working with artists in the museums sector generally, as well as the more specific mutual benefits of Colne Valley Museum’s collaboration with Ed Kluz – from breaking down hierarchies between artists, audiences and volunteers to telling the alternative histories of spaces and objects and reinterpreting collections from new and defamiliarising perspectives.

What is Home was an artwork produced by Kashif Nadim Chaudry at National Trust, Croome.

In 1948, Croome Court was sold by the Croome Estate Trustees to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham. It was fitted out as a boarding school for boys and had about 140 pupils from all over the country.

Chaudry’s What is Home was the culmination of 10 years of relationship building with the ex-pupils, through the boys’ annual school reunion, coupled with five years of learning from the Croome Redefined project.

The historic use of Croome Court and the stories of the boys whose lives became shaped by their experience here, offers the Trust a unique opportunity to be part of an important national debate around care. Creative Partnerships Manager at Croome, Rachel Sharpe, Chaudry and A&H’s Kiki Claxton discuss working with young people currently in the care system and the projects inter-generational approach to the artwork and how that culminated in a two part exhibition at Croome.

Travelling Queer People’s History Show: Hosted by Arts&Heritage’s Senior Curator, Andrea Hawkins, in conversation with creative producer, E-J Scott, and performance artiste, Bird la Bird. The Travelling Queer People’s History Show reveals and explores the lives of queer people absent or erased from dominant historical narratives.

Episode Four: 10 Years of Arts&Heritage is hosted by Senior National Curator of the National Trust and A&H Board member, Lucy Porten in conversation with co-founders of A&H, Judith King and Timandra Nichols. They reflect on the early years of their relationship, going back 25 years, as well as the origins of A&H and its vision to bring contemporary art into heritage spaces.

Episode 5: Reactivating Sounds of Blackness is a soundscape created by Vanley Burke and Gary Stewart, in collaboration with Red Earth Collective. This work includes recordings of interviews by Burke, as well as everyday sounds and intangible heritage from his local area, commissioned as part of A&H’s Meeting Point programme with Museum X, a project to create Britain’s first museum celebrating Black British history, art and culture. Originally broadcast live in Handsworth Park, Birmingham April 2023, this podcast features the artwork, followed by a conversation between Vanley Burke and Gary Stewart.

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