About us

Arts&Heritage's mission is to demonstrate that placing contemporary art at the heart of heritage programming enables audiences to find their own stories within historic places and spaces.

Putting Artists and Audiences at the core

Arts&Heritage is a leading agency, that has worked nationally for over ten years to forge collaborations between contemporary artists and heritage organisations and museums. We support organisations to place contemporary art at the heart of their programming.  Together we aim to create fresh perspectives in heritage contexts for a diverse range of audiences.

A&H is based in Hexham, Northumberland but operates across England. It was established in 2009 following a period of research by Judith King into this area of practice. Since then, it has built up a large clientele of heritage organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage and Compton Verney, museums such as the National Railway Museum and a host of smaller museums seeking to engage with a wider audience.

A&H became an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation in 2018.  As a Sector Support Organisation, it offers access to expertise and innovation for the museum and heritage sector, driving progress, collaboration and change. 

Artists and audience are at the core of what A&H does and through its work with museums and heritage sites, it brings audiences closer to art and artists, supporting the development of innovative new work in exceptional contexts which constantly re-evaluates what heritage means to all our lives.

Arts&Heritage’s purpose and aim


A&H inspires people to think creatively and develop innovative and exciting programmes through commissioning artists to provide a new lens to heritage sites and museum collections.

Inclusivity and diversity:

A&H forges collaborations and networks with its partners to encourage effective and diverse perspectives and engender a spirit of sharing, learning and good communication.


A&H looks long term to encourage a strong legacy in programming as well as working efficiently; always trying to be imaginative about better ways to achieving joint goals.


Meeting Point

Meeting Point is our core Arts Council England funded curatorial development programme that supports heritage and museum professionals to develop their contemporary programme skills. The programme has been running for several years.

Meeting Point supports the presentation of artworks in unexpected places by enabling small and medium scale museums and heritage sites to commission artists, who will create a piece of work in response to the location. The programme aims to bring new visitors to participating sites, and position them as exciting places to see contemporary art.

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience (MCAHE) was a three-year interdisciplinary research programme funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) running from 2017 to 2019.

MCAHE was led by Newcastle and Leeds Universities and critically examines the role and practice of temporary visual art commissioning within heritage properties in Britain today. 

The programme was delivered in collaboration with UK heritage partners The National Trust, English Heritage and The Churches Conservation Trust. Arts&Heritage was a partner in the delivery of this programme.

Training & Consultancy


Arts&Heritage provides structured training programmes to curatorial teams and project managers across the heritage sector.  A&H has experience of delivering action learning projects, inspirational visits and opportunities to meet artists which enables staff to take a new look at programming approaches and feel more comfortable about incorporating contemporary arts commissions and projects into their core programmes. 


Arts&Heritage undertakes curatorial support and consultancy work with a range of heritage organisations. This can take a number of forms and it is at home whether advising on an artistic strategy or working in partnership to develop a series of projects.

Curatorial Forum:

Arts&Heritage is currently developing a national forum to support curators working outside of formal gallery spaces.  This will comprise of sharing sessions, meet-ups and group visits aimed at supporting arts professionals, curators and producers who are often working in a different way to the rest of the organisation they are based in.  More news will follow later in 2019.

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Artists & Partners

Arts&Heritage works with a range of specialists, organisations, artists, performers and architects to deliver a broad national programme.

View the list of associated artists, partners and clients here.

The Company

Arts&Heritage is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a board of eight directors.  It has a small staff team comprising an Executive Director, a Creative Director, a Senior Curator and a Coordinator. The Board meets a minimum of four times a year.

Head office:

Arts&Heritage CIC, Attic Office, Queens Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham, NE46 3LS 

Phone number: 01434 600601 

CIC number 7491762