Watch Luke Fowler’s ‘Ilam Actual (version)’ 2023

22nd November 2023

Luke Fowler shooting for “Ilam Actual (version)” by Pascal Vossen

After a successful period on our Screening Room Channel, we are pleased to announce that Luke Fowler’s Ilam Actual (version) will be available to view on the project page on our website.

For the project, Fowler collaborated with experimental filmmaker Alex Hetherington and sound artist Lee Patterson to lead teenagers through their own series of sound and recording experiments. Together they produced 16mm continuous films capturing elements of the National Trust’s Ilam Park, Youth Hostel Association’s Ilam Hall, and the surrounding landscape of the Peak District.

The teenagers came to the project through the charity and social enterprise Soft Touch Arts and the group worked together with the artists over a single weekend. The film is composed of a series of non-narrative ‘actuality films’ and sound recordings made by each participant, guided by the artists. The term ‘actuality films’ refers to a type of proto-documentary inspired by early cinema pioneers in which a silent film is composed of a single, unedited shot. Together the participants worked to ‘reframe’ the landscape using different microphones and film equipment.

The film was part of Arts&Heritage’s Arts Council funded Meeting Point programme. Thanks to The Modern Institute for supporting the project.

You can view the film on our projects page now, as well as reading ThisisTomorrow’s interview with the artist, and Pascal Vossen’s making of film.

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