Announcing our Midlands Meeting Point Partners

30th August 2019

Image: Cromford Mills, one of six partners selected for the next Meeting Point programme

We have selected the six museums and heritage organisations in the Midlands that will be taking part in our next round of Meeting Point. They are Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent; Cromford Mills in Matlock; Ilam Park in Ashbourne; The Naseby Battlefield Project in Naseby; The National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton; and Warwickshire Archives in Warwick.

Steph Allen, Executive Director at Arts&Heritage said: “Having successfully delivered Meeting Point in North East England and Yorkshire, we’re delighted to be working with six venues in the Midlands for our fourth Meeting Point programme.

“This year we have six very diverse venues; from The Naseby Battlefield Project, which relies on the support of volunteers, to the National Trust’s sprawling 158-acre Ilam Park. We’re also working with UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cromford Mills, and The National Holocaust Centre and Museum. This year’s venues are diverse in size, scale and subject matter and each one has a unique story to tell. The artist commissions with help visitors experience the museum’s collections in a new way.”

Carolyn Ewing, Archivist at Heritage & Culture Warwickshire (HCW), said: “The team at Heritage & Culture Warwickshire are delighted to have been selected for Meeting Point.  We are really excited by the prospect of working with a contemporary artist to help us deliver a fresh and innovative approach to exploring the many narratives, however challenging, to be found within our superb collections and site of our County Record Office. The project will underpin one of our key objectives to widen and enhance our appeal to new and existing audiences. Importantly, by enhancing our skills base within Heritage & Culture Warwickshire, it will provide a solid foundation for developing our community engagement work in future.”

Fiona Harrower, Senior Visitor Experience Officer at Ilam Park, said: “The team at Ilam Park are really excited about taking part in Meeting Point. Ilam Park has a long history of inspiring artists and we are looking forward to seeing how contemporary art can tell our stories to our visitors today. The training programme will be really beneficial and I am looking forward to sharing my new found knowledge and skills with the whole team.”

The museums will participate in a series of workshops and visits to artists’ studios, before working with us to commission an artist to work with them on the creation of a new piece of artwork.

This is the fourth Meeting Point programme, building on the success of previous and current programmes, which have seen 25 museums working with more than 50 museum professionals to create 25 new artworks and over 100 workshops.

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