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20th February 2018

Have you been involved in creating or commissioning contemporary art for a heritage site? If so, we want to hear from you.

Who are we?

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience (MCAHE) is a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It brings together researchers from Newcastle and Leeds Universities, award winning artists and sector partners including the National Trust, English Heritage, the Churches Conservation Trust and Arts Council England to explore the processes of putting contemporary visual art into heritage sites and the experiences of audiences and artists. You can find out more about the project on our website.

Why is this important?

Commissioning contemporary art for heritage sites is a growing practice and one which attracts considerable investment, but little research has been done about how the commissions come about, their nature, or the impact they have on audiences or artists. It is important that we fill this gap in knowledge to create better understanding about this important field in contemporary art, ensure worthwhile investment and identify good practices.

What are we doing?

The project has three parts to it:

  1. Mapping – looking at what has already been done to understand the range of practices and create an archive and interactive map;
  2. Creation – we are working with partners and award-winning artists to make contemporary art in heritage sites while at the same time researching their processes and experiences;
  3. Audiences – researching audience understandings of heritage and perceptions of contemporary art in heritage sites.

What do we need from you?

We are currently building an archive and interactive map of contemporary art in heritage sites. Our focus is on temporary, site-specific artworks that fit within the broad category of visual arts practice (including fine art, craft, lens-based work, installation, performance, sound, digital arts).

We are interested to hear about UK projects located in and responding to a wide range of heritage contexts, i.e. ‘a place, locality, natural landscape, settlement area, architectural complex, archaeological site, or standing structure that is recognised and often legally protected as a place of historical and cultural significance.’ (International Council on Monuments and Sites, 2008).

If you have been involved in a relevant project – as artist, commissioner, curator, or arts organisation – we ask you to complete this short online project questionnaire. This asks for basic information about you and your project activity. If you have been involved in more than one project, please complete a separate form for each one.

We will be doing a number of more detailed case studies so we might contact you for further information if you agree.

Your responses will provide important information for our research. The call will be open on until 30 April 2018.

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